Respect for the Environment

Biological and Integrated Approach

80% of the protection uses defence is performed using microorganisms, useful insects and plant extracts.
Reducing the use of common agrochemicals.
Obtaining seedlings with improved self-defence, hence lower use of agrochemicals by the grower.
Healthier growing environments for workers and the surrounding environment.


Integrated in the buildings (warehouse, office and greenhouse roofs), no consumption or waste of agricultural land.
Several thousand tons of CO2 saved from the environment each year, thanks to renewable electrical energy.
As well as meeting the company daily energy requirements, it also returns to the power grid the equivalent of the annual consumption of approximately 1,500 families.

Assimilation Lighting

Producing higher quality young plants during the winter and saving in the use of growth regulators.

HPS                                                                                                    LED

Recyclable Containers

Zero waste:

  • NO plastic in the environment 
  • Energy saving in the container production process 
  • No waste disposal costs for the customer

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