Over 2,000 items are on offer which we have organized into a catalogue with clear descriptions to make the choice easier and cultivating in your greenhouses more simple, very aware that effective organization of the cultivations and assortments can considerably assist your everyday work and speed up the time spent on ordering seedlings.

The importance of Brand

Words and slogans play a strategic role: they customise the brand and make positioning explicit and memorable.  Words tell a story and slogans evoke product quality.

To this end the Gruppo Padana brands Viola Superba® and Primula Primabella, presented in last catalogue, have well-defined characteristics and attractive images that we forecast will become benchmarks on European markets. 

Other brands were introduced in our spring-summer catalogue, such as the Top-Tunia petunia, Jambo calibrachoa, Majesty verbena and ZoNice, Village, Evelyn and Peggy pelargoniums, to mention just a few.

All our initiatives are highly qualified and certainly in step with times that expect constant upgrading and innovative choices in a market currently going through a critical period. 

Thanks principally to People and their strategic innovations, Gruppo Padana has always managed to implement the advances solicited by the business, through the application of competence, studies and research.

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