State-of-the-art equipment and avant garde technology

The production greenhouses are supported by ultra-modern automated equipment to carry out all cultivation operations. The company is equipped with climate chambers for germination.
Gruppo Padana also pays great attention to the environment, with state-of-the-art application of integrated defence against the main parasites and pathogens through balanced use of organic substances and pesticides. Growing areas are carefully prepared for the growing cycles with total cleaning and preventive disinfection.


"Star Tray" and "Star Pott"

Our "Star Tray" and "Star Pott" grown plants are suitable for transplanting with automatic equipment, making the operation easy and economical. "Star Tray" and "Star Pott" are the result of studies and experimentation. They allow us to obtain bedding plants with good roots that quickly flourish in the new soil. The special truncated cone shape of the "Star Tray" cells with grooves at the four corners prevents root "nesting" and facilitates transplanting. The large hole on the base allows good drainage.
"Star Pott" is produced in-house with special soil for each species and time of year. Biological auxiliaries are added to the soil to protect the young plant from root pathogens.

[extract from the Catalogue]:

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