Autumn - Winter


Autumn - Winter

Assortment updated to the last Autumn-Winter catalogue 2019-20


  • Cyclamen

    Gruppo Padana has introduced many novelties in order to further enlarge the already most complete Cyclamen assortment in Europe:

    • new S.S. Vintro: large flowers, excellent for winter flowering
    • new beautiful colours in all our series
    • Dedicated selections: plein air and scented
  • Poinsettia

    Poinsettia assortment updated for winter 2020-21

  • Dipladenia

    Dipladenia or Mandeville

  • Pansy

    “Viola Superba”, registered trademark of Gruppo Padana, is an umbrella brand. It regroups five different series, obtained through the selection of the best genetics available on the global market, following years of repeated trials, plus careful observation, with attention for the clients’ needs. The series included in the “Viola Superba” family stand out for their plant homogeneity and flowering uniformity.

  • Primrose

    Primabella Brand includes 4 series:

    -2 PRIMABELLA XL with very large flowers (early and mid-early)

    -PRIMABELLA large flowers (pure colours and mix)  

    -PRIMABELLA FUN large bicolour flowers

    -PRIMABELLA SWEET two colours with nice edge

  • Biennials
  • Perennials
  • Roses
  • Lisianthus

    Lisianthus has always been a favourite cut flower and in recent years has gained enormously in popularity, either the fine elegant look of single varieties or versatile double Lisianthus, the ‘rose without thorns’.

    Suitable for mono-vases or perfect in mixed bouquets.

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